Health and Safety Policy


Management of DCH Crane Heavy Lifting & Transport is vitally committed to its employees’ health and safety. Our objective is to protect our workers from injury and illness. DCH as the employer, is ultimately responsible for the worker(s) health and safety.

To fulfill this commitment, DCH will make every effort to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace by implementation and occupational health and safety program, adhering to acceptable industry standards and complying with occupational health and safety legislation.

To ensure our policies and procedures produce meaningful respects. We educate and employees of their roles and responsibilities to reduce risk and eliminate potential hazards and we continuously re-evaluate our quality and safety management systems.

Key elements of our quality & safety management systems

  • Formal safety & quality training
  • Field risk assessments
  • Job specific safety analysis
  • Critical lift planning
  • Daily job safety talks and weekly safety meetings
  • Documents site & equipment hazard assessments prior to your crane job detail
  • Formal incident reporting and review process

We are proud to have a comprehensive and recognized quality, health & safety programs