Equipment reliability is key to your job success as a client. We realize your up time is critical to your projects on budget and on time delivery. That’s why you can be assured your being backed by a crane provider that has the systems in place to deliver quality maintained equipment. At DCH we pride ourselves in our equipment’s up keep and maintenance. While zero downtime may not be a reality with heavy equipment, you can be assured downtime is something we work very diligently to minimize.

Some key elements of our Maintenance Management Program are:

  • Preventative Maintenance schedules and documented programs (PM’s). Our equipment has a manufactures specific schedule that is adhered to for regular service and inspection
  • Oil analysis include hydraulic, engine, gear, transmission, etc. are tested at regular intervals to ensure any potential wear or abnormal particles levels are detected
  • Operator and Maintenance Personnel inspections performed at intervals to ensure we deliver quality equipment
  • Qualified and certified maintenance personnel that are industry certified with manufacture training
  • Third party inspection to ensure all equipment is certified to CSA Z150 specifications

Our Maintenance program takes a proactive approach to minimize our equipment’s downtime.